Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day xxxx

The day of love....

I have always had dreams of the perfect man sending me the perfect Valentine's day gift of a dozen red roses delivered to me in front of everyone I know so that they will all know how much he adores me - and to make them jealous that they will never be as spoilt as me on Valentine's day, because attached to this huge bouquet of roses is a card telling me about our super romantic evening that we're going to have - starting off with a candle lit dinner at the most delicious seafood restaurant, and ending in a decedent hotel room with rose petals scattered over the bed and the floor, leading to the gigantic bubble bath, which has some champagne and a box of chocolates for us to share sitting on the edge.

I have never been lucky enough to get the whole package, but I must admit that my lovely man has managed to get part of the way there most years that we have been together. The first year, he was serving in the Army in Iraq - we had only met about 6 months previously - and he managed to find the time to get me my bunch of a dozen roses delivered to my front door.

The next year he did it again - long stem roses this time, with a cute teddy bear helping to declare his love to me, delivered to my work - I work in a shopping centre, so there were plenty of people around to be jealous about it!

I have had my delicious seafood restaurant meal too.

I am still, however, waiting for my romantic evening in that saucy hotel room - I am also waiting for the Valentines day where he decides that I can have all of the above at once.

He has plenty more Valentine's days to get it right though - and I have to commend him on his efforts to make me feel like the most special person in his life every year so far.