Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Summery

Well, it's blog carnival time - I have chosen to blog about summer. Since I'm in Australia we are just about to start summer as opposed those in the northern hemisphere who have just seen the last of it - and boy can't I wait!! We still have to get through spring though, but that's ok, because spring is almost summer, and I don't mind the anticipation.

So, I am going to take some liberty with the requirements of this blog carnival and change it around a bit. I am going to tell you all about what I envisage my highlights, activities and vacations will be, and what I think I'm going to achieve.

I am looking forward to getting in some camping - in particular some romantic couple's camping - or just some romantic couple's getaways of any sort.

We will also be spending time with the puppies - lots of time and training - I am determined to get into some sort of walking routine with them and I'm sure spring/summer will be the time to do it - plenty of evening sun and longer days.

I do worry that my blogging will suffer a little, I am a sucker for spending time basking in the sunshine in summer - but there's nothing stopping me from plonking the laptop on my lap outside.

I have a really good feeling that the change in the seasons will be bringing a change in the way my life is going - I think my career prospects may be looking up, I'm looking forward to doing some of the things that I have been meaning to for ages , and I think everything might be looking up.

So bring on summer....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Go Wild for Joey & Aleethea!

How much do we love Joey & Aleethea? Thiiiiiiiiiiisssss Muuuuuchhhhhh!!!!! The lovely person behind this Etsy persona created the EtsyBloggers Street Team. Of course that is not all, she is a mummy to 2 gorgeous children - which you can read lots about on her blog -

She is also the owner of a fab Etsy shop, joeyandaleethea - - where you can find heaps of great stuff for your kiddies!

Such as this cool Monsterlicious hoodie which is custom made in whatever colour you feel like having it - personally I love the pink!

All the monsters have names and personalities
- making all the clothes that feature them all the more lovable.

I love this cute Monsterlicious Baby Cuff - bringing the coolness to the babies! You can also get in in bigger sizes, just in case your older kids are feeling a bit outshone by their little brother or sister!

These are just a couple of things on offer in joeyandaleethea's Etsy shop - make sure you check it out, you will be there for ages marvelling at the creativity and cuteness of it all.

After you have had a looksie at joeyandaleethea's shop, you must check out her blog. She is clearly a passionate blogger. You can also find some great personal goings on in her life, which helps to understand how much a great person lies behind the name of joeyandaleethea. I just popped over there for a peep before and just had to share this with you:

Random Happiness

As soon as the Dada walks in the door from work, our 2 year old son Joey says to him:

"Dada, you see her? That's the Mama. And see that Dada? That's the little little little baby. She's so little, she's so cute. Kiss the baby, Dada. (mwah) Ohhh! Good job Dada!!"

How beautiful is that?! This is the kind of stuff you can find everyday on her blog - I love it, I particularly liked reading about the arrival of little Lily.

So, make sure you check out all that this wonderful woman has to offer - both on her blog and in her Etsy shop.

One final thought - THANKS JOEAYANDALEETHEA!!! - for creating the great team that is Etsybloggers!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry...I've Been Distracted!

Ok so again I haven't posted a blog entry for ages! I have sort of an excuse this time though. I have been totally preoccupied with the new addition to our family. I think adding this new puppy has put me off having children for life!

Well we got Orion home and got him settled in (sort of). He still wouldn't sleep by himself and was being a bit of a pain in that respect, but Ghost seemed to be accepting him and Orion seemed to be getting used to his new family members also. Then on the Tuesday after we brought him home, Ghost was really mean and bit Orion - quite badly - broke his jaw and we had to spend a fortune at the vet to get him fixed (I also had to out up with several people asking me if spending that much money was really worth it - I said yes, sorry it is, just because he's a dog doesn't mean that he doesn't deserves to be put down just because it might cost a little too much to do anything else)

So now he is pretty much all better and for the last couple of weeks we have been stressing our little heads off about what is going to happen and that they were going to hate each other and fight for the rest of their lives!

But things are going really well - they are almost inseparable - Orion just wants to play with Ghost all the time, it is really exhausting making sure that everything is alright all the time!

I have been neglecting everything - I have been going to write an article for the DUST blog (which I have finally just done), I have been wanting to make some more things - I haven't sat down with my beads since before Orion arrived! I have also left it really late to write my blog posts for the blog carnival and the EtsyBloggers feature article - I will be doing those straight after I do this!

I think it is all going to calm down soon, Orion and Ghost are getting on very well and I can actually leave them together for longer than 5 minutes without pulling my hair out with worry - hopefully tomorrow I will get into some of that beady goodness that I have been missing - I need to get some new things up on Etsy too - if there is anyone out there who pays any attention to my shop will be starting to get sick of the fact that I never add anything new - renew, renew, renew has been the call lately!

So off to it I go.......

Tuesday, September 9, 2008