Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sorry...I've Been Distracted!

Ok so again I haven't posted a blog entry for ages! I have sort of an excuse this time though. I have been totally preoccupied with the new addition to our family. I think adding this new puppy has put me off having children for life!

Well we got Orion home and got him settled in (sort of). He still wouldn't sleep by himself and was being a bit of a pain in that respect, but Ghost seemed to be accepting him and Orion seemed to be getting used to his new family members also. Then on the Tuesday after we brought him home, Ghost was really mean and bit Orion - quite badly - broke his jaw and we had to spend a fortune at the vet to get him fixed (I also had to out up with several people asking me if spending that much money was really worth it - I said yes, sorry it is, just because he's a dog doesn't mean that he doesn't deserves to be put down just because it might cost a little too much to do anything else)

So now he is pretty much all better and for the last couple of weeks we have been stressing our little heads off about what is going to happen and that they were going to hate each other and fight for the rest of their lives!

But things are going really well - they are almost inseparable - Orion just wants to play with Ghost all the time, it is really exhausting making sure that everything is alright all the time!

I have been neglecting everything - I have been going to write an article for the DUST blog (which I have finally just done), I have been wanting to make some more things - I haven't sat down with my beads since before Orion arrived! I have also left it really late to write my blog posts for the blog carnival and the EtsyBloggers feature article - I will be doing those straight after I do this!

I think it is all going to calm down soon, Orion and Ghost are getting on very well and I can actually leave them together for longer than 5 minutes without pulling my hair out with worry - hopefully tomorrow I will get into some of that beady goodness that I have been missing - I need to get some new things up on Etsy too - if there is anyone out there who pays any attention to my shop will be starting to get sick of the fact that I never add anything new - renew, renew, renew has been the call lately!

So off to it I go.......

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