Thursday, December 18, 2008

A few things have been happening...

I have been extremely neglectful of all things Etsy and online selling - I have just been so busy outside of the internet that I haven't really felt like doing anything about it.

But it seems that the world Esty keeps on turning regardless of whether I am making a contribution. Firstly, I made a sale, my first in ages and it's time's like this that I really wish that I knew where the sale came from. The buyer was a relatively new member (a few months) had no feedback, and I wasn't in their favourites. To add to this, I had't listed anything in weeks, so I don't think that they would have found me by simply browsing. I checked the treasuries and treasury west, nothing - so how did it come to be that this lovely buyer found me and made a purchase?

By the way, it was my Simply Elegant Blue Earrings that sold.

In further Etsy related news, I was also featured in a treasury (this was a couple of days after my sale) as a result of being a part of the great Etsybloggers team. Having used the tag "Etsybloggers" on my Hearts of Many Colours Bracelet, it was featured in a treasury made up of fellow Etsybloggers.

I have also noticed that I have still been getting blog hits, and I also wonder how these people find me, my feedjit gives me a little bit of an idea, but apart from that I am in the dark.

It amazes me that all this activity could be happening around my shop when I have been sitting on my lazy behind doing nothing to promote it - yet when it feels like I'm spending a fortune and I spend all my free time on the net promoting promoting promoting, nothing happens?!

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