Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Promise....

I will be good and do what I say I will do. Firstly, I am going to be setting a blogging schedule, I am determined to blog at least once a week - that's not so hard is it? I intend on trying to do much more often than that, but I figure I will be better able to meet my target of once a week and anything else more will be a bonus.

Second, I am going to unneglect all those things I have neglecated over the Christmas period. I am going to put some of my lovely presents to work - my new mini anvil/bench block, my new chasing hammer - to name a couple, and make some more things. I am also starting a new years resolution of trying to use sterling silver and gold fill for my final pieces. I have already replaced some earring wires on my Simply Elegant Blue earrings that I sold, because I didn't think that the horrible ones that they had did them justice, I did this free of charge and I hope that the recipient appreciates it.

I am also going to plead forgiveness from the EtsyBloggers and DUST teams for not paying them any attention over the last few weeks. I have blog carnivals to write, feature seller articles to do and some sucking up on the forums to to also! All this will keep me very busy and hopefully it will also help contribute to my new promise of blogging more regularly.

So, off I go to start those new goals.....

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