Monday, August 11, 2008

Keep On Keeping On

So, I have had my membership approved for EtsyBloggers, very exciting! I am getting ready to dive into writing my feature for this month. I am in the process of checking out previous ones to get an idea of how it all works. I love that the process for EtsyBloggers is so involved - I do hope that I am able to keep up with the requirements.

I have managed to make some more jewelry, so I met one of my goals that I made for myself. These are my latest creations:

I bought some new beads/findings the other day and they came in the mail full of inspiration. So I was pretty happy with that.

In other news, we have a new addition to our family. Well, he's not actually here yet, but he will be soon. We picked out a new puppy on Sunday. Will be posting with updates after he settles into his new home which should be about 2 weeks away.

I will be back to post later on today or tomorrow because I feel I must get this feature article written - I am looking forward to it anyway, it will be an excellent start to the idea that I had to do that myself anyway.

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