Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mama's Magic

The Etsybloggers feature for the month of October is Mama's Magic.

Mama's Magic has 2 Etsy shops: bfbeads where she sells her awesome range of baby friendly beads. Such as this necklace

Which she says will keep baby happy whilst at the breast. It is made from one continuous length of cord and has no clasp. Unlike normal jewellery, it will not break as easily because it has no 'weak links' such as clasps and findings. Baby can happily pull and play with it whilst in your arms. It is also made with an adjustable bead, so that it can be lengthened and shortened as you feel like it.

In her bfbeads shop she also sells these cute reminder bracelets. Which help to remind mum which boob she last used to feed little bub. They come in a range of colours and are made with memory wire - which means they are nearly impossible to break and really easy to change arms, meaning that they meet the principles of their design exactly!

Aside from bfbeads, Mama's Magic also had a second Etsy shop, Mama's Magic Studio, where she focuses on a range of fraternal earrings as well as a couple of other trinkets.

I love these Dragonfly danglers, which I can imagine hanging in a window on a sunny day.

I also think that these fraternal earrings are so cute and different. Who wants matching earrrings anyway?! I really really love these "Hey Diddle Diddle" earrings.

Mama's Magic also had an awesome blog, which focuses a lot on her beautiful family. I particularly liked her recent post, where a picture says a thousand words! Mama's Magic, is most definately a proud SAHM like she says she is. Make sure you check out her blog where there's heapps of other items worth reading. Trust me, I spent quite a while there finding out all about her.

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Jen said...

You are so very kind! Thank you for this lovely post about me and my shops. I really appreciate it!