Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oops....I've been a bit naughty!

Yep, I sat in the sun for too long and got myself sunburnt! I decided that I had better come inside and find something else to do other than basking in the lovely but dangerous sunshine!

I swear that it was the last 1/2 hour that did the damage. I was sitting out there this morning and all was fine. I went for a wicked bike ride - along the main road and down to the beach. I dipped my toes in the ocean - it was surprisingly pleasant, a couple more weeks and it will definately be swimmable! I came back along the main road and down to the river mouth, took a detour across the wetlands and climbed up the hill back to home - great! Then I sat in the sun again and had a sandwich, a little bevvy and read the paper. I got up to put some sunscreen on (something that I probably should have done first thing this morning instead of choosing moisturiser!) but I was too late - I now have some lovely pink bits and white bits - I look like a red and white zebra!

So now I'm sitting in disgrace inside - still having a bevvy though so that's a bonus!

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