Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yay, I snagged another treasury! I got it at the last minute when the nuber was sitting on 222 - there was only 9 minutes to go. So I used those 9 minutes to work out what I was going to put it it! Then no.222 expired and I thought I had missed it, I thought that I would have to save my poster sketch for next time - but nope, I think my computer was just being a bit slow!

So here it is, I have called it Simple....
I found it really difficult to find things that weren't jewellery - I think this shows how much of Etsy is taken up by the jewellery catagory - but so much of it is so nice that I could have made 10 treasuries and called them all "Simple....."

Hope you like it - if you happen to see this before the treasury expired, it would be nice if you could leave a click and a comment :)

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