Monday, November 3, 2008

Remebrance Day

November 11th is rememberance day (for all my US readers this is what we aussies call Veterans Day - and unfortunately we don't get a day off for it - I will however be attempting to excercise my 2 minutes of silence at 11am whilst at the office)

Whilst I have various views regarding our leaders decisions to send us to war, I still hold high regard for those that have chosen to stand for their country and serve us.

Of course my favourite veteran has to be my boyfriend, Chris. He served in the Australian Army for 9 years - fortunately I met him right near the end and didn't have to endure too much worrying about him. He participated in 2 tours of East Timor and also went to Iraq. He enjoyed his time serving his country, but felt that he had enough of being posted wherever and wanted to come home (lucky for me!)

In honour of all servicemen, who have helped us to have the life that we have.

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Cate Holst said...

Lovely to meet a fellow Aussie.

In our hectic lifestyle of today, we sometimes don't place as much importance on remembering those who have fought to protect our shores as we should. November 11 is very important day indeed. Great photo of your 'digger'

Kathy and Carrie said...

God Bless our Service Men and Women!

Thanks for the lovely write up.

Shell Mitchell said...

Nice post. Cute boyfriend:) I'm glad he's back safe with you.